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6200 S. Bryant Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73149


Rubber Mold Company - Worlds largest supplier of rubber molds for the stone veneer industry. We have the largest variety of molds for the manufactured stone veneer industry on the market. Our cultured stone molds out perform and outlast similar products on the market. We have over 40 years of experience and the capabilities to meet all your custom mold needs. When it comes to producing manufactured stone veneer you can count on the Rubber Mold Company to give you the competitive edge


Rubber Mold Company molds vs silicone molds


We often have customers requesting silicone molds. While we do not produce silicone molds, our molds produce an equivalent quality of cast concrete products while keeping cost well below the cost of comparable silicone molds. The advantage to our proprietary blend of materials is that you get a commercial grade mold designed to be used hundreds if not thousands of times. Our molds are very robust in design versus a silicone mold which more often than not is a “skin” mold that is placed in an underlying form to achieve the rigidity that is required in producing cast concrete products.  This is a great advantage as it eases the de-molding process and prevents tearing of the mold. Another great advantage is that our molds do not require the use of a release agent while many silicone mold manufacturers recommend using a release agent. The lack of a need for release agents also provides additional cost savings from both a material stand point as well as a reduction in labor cost.

In addition to robustness and cost savings our molds provide excellent texture and general appearance as would be expected from an equivalent silicone mold. We stand behind our product 100%. You can be assured that our molds meet or exceed the requirements of the industry.