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6200 S. Bryant Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73149


Rubber Mold Company - Worlds largest supplier of rubber molds for the stone veneer industry. We have the largest variety of molds for the manufactured stone veneer industry on the market. Our cultured stone molds out perform and outlast similar products on the market. We have over 40 years of experience and the capabilities to meet all your custom mold needs. When it comes to producing manufactured stone veneer you can count on the Rubber Mold Company to give you the competitive edge


Limestone 45 Degree 2-Step Corner


Limestone 45 Degree 2-Step Corner


(7 Molds per 10 Ln Ft)

The price does not include shipping.


The 2-Step System does have a closed finished edge, but the mold is poured in 2-Steps. The first step is to keep the mold flat and pour the material flush with the edge, once partially hardened the mold is set up so the other side of the L-shaped mold can then be poured and allowed to harden. This system does cause an edge to be present because of the partial hardening of one side of the mold.

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